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Culture Shock

So to sum up my first day in the motherland (Philippines), I basically witnessed most of the stereotypes Filipinos are known for. I also saw new things that amazed me, and blew my mind.

Right when we landed, all the passengers on the plane started to applaud. I actually thought that was amusing and expressed my amusement out loud and then I got “looks.” Their reaction to my laughing was still funny.

While heading to customs, my dads friend (my handler), tells me we get to skip the long line, and then again, I get these looks and whispers from everyone  standing in line. haha. But that’s not where the real shock came in.

It was looking at how traffic works here and the hospitality. Traffic here is NUTS!! I started freaking when I saw a guy on a bicycle going into oncoming traffic. The hospitality is not like Filipino hospitality back home, but more of a resentment as if they automatically think that you think you’re higher than them. But that was only with some of the places I went to. Where Im currently staying everyone is actually welcoming and kind enough to help me out since my dad’s friend told them its my first time in the P.I.

Lastly, watching how prostitution is handled here is very business like and inconspicuous. It almost looks like its very personal, since I just witnessed a “transaction” between the pimp (who by the way was dressed up in an 80s/early 90s windbreaker outfit with a hip-pack), the escort, and the client right in front of me in the hotel lobby. And I’m staying in a pretty classy hotel, and would totally not think something like that would happen right in front of me. It reminds me of a “transaction” I saw in Vegas, but this time the pimp was involved.

But anyway, definitely an eye-opener for me, and experience that every Americanized Filipino kid should have. I now have a greater look of how lucky I am compared to the kids on the streets in Manila.

My very first valentine.

We all have had many valentines in our lives, but I know I’ve had this special one every since I’ve learned about this “corporate” holiday.

My one and only mom has been my valentine for the past 19 years, and I hope to have her as a valentine for many years to come.

So here’s to one of the most special people in my heart, my mom.

Happy Valentine’s day mom! =)

When is it good to be selfish?

I have been always thinking about other people ahead of my own needs. If its a friend, a bro, a sis, or even family, I always put them ahead. When is it good to actually to not think about them first and then think about me?

There’s always that guilt trip I think about before I do anything. Is that weakness or a strength? It’s something to think about, and my problem to solve. When is it good to be selfish for once?

Are my parents the problem? and Apology to my friends.

It’s been past a year now since I’ve moved backed home, and I was wondering when the whole “insubordination” with the parents was going to kick in. I never thought they would be disrespecting me and making out of this world accusations at me.

This whole summer and earlier this semester I have been stressing out. Could be work, school, keeping a social life, or all of them. But now I’m wondering if the main problem is my parents…

Usually when you think of your home, you think of it as a place of solitude, where you come to relax and get away from all the stress. I don’t feel that sadly. I’m always scared to come home, thinking I’m going to get into a meaningless argument, then my parents making stupid accusations of me disrespecting them, or just ignoring them.

Come on mom and dad, if I look tired when I get home and I want to relax and do hw. Let me. Don’t take your stress out on me, cause its only making me dislike you both more. It’s gotten to the point where I get really irritated when I hear either of you complain about the littlest thing, even when it doesn’t involve me. 

I apologize for this rant and to all my friends for my behavior if I have shared it with you. I know every time I post something on my tumblr, all it is about me complaining or being all emo, but this one I know is serious, and I can’t think of any other outlet at this point. So I apologize to all my friends for my weird behavior this past semester.

2010 Graduation

It’s hard to believe I’ve reached this point. I know I’m not there yet, since I still have one more semester to go, but I have been cherishing this feeling of accomplishment today and this past saturday.

I want to thank everyone who has congratulated me: my closest friends, my friends I haven’t seen in ages, family members, and people I would’ve never expected. Thank you for all the support, because it is really much appreciated!! I won’t let you down.

PAC Formal 2010

What a great Formal to end my PAC career on. It was a very good night, had two wonderful dates, got most abused again (3 years in a row..womp…>.<), got a “great” cab joke award….very funny guys. ha ha. I also got to see a friend I haven’t seen in a year, who I have missed for a very long time. That was a treat for me. But all in all Congrats to PAC Cab 2010-2011!! I know all of you will do a wonderful job to make any new members’ 2010-2011 a memorable year just like your first year in PAC.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. It’s just way to funny. I would say it’s right up there with the “I’m the best man, I did it!” rap battle, if not, then better than that video.

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